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Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS)

Sexual Assault Support Service (SASS) provides information and support services to people who have been recently sexually assaulted, and counselling services for children and adults (males and females) of all ages, religions, cultures, sexual orientation, ability, and socio-economic groups who have experienced sexual abuse at any time of their lives. A confidential telephone interpreting service can be used if you prefer to speak in your own language.

24/7 Rape Crisis Response

SASS provides a 24 hour a day support and information service regarding available choices to victims of recent rape or sexual assault, their family and support people including whether and how to:

  • report the crime to Police
  • have a Forensic Medical Examination (FME), medical checkup or access emergency contraception
  • access ongoing counselling and support

SASS then coordinates and facilitates the implementation of the person’s chosen course of action and offers ongoing support to the victim and their family and friends.

24/7 Response and Counselling Line

SASS provides a 24/7 phone support and counselling service to males and females of all ages who have been sexually abused at any time of their lives; the parents or carers of children who have been abused; the partners of people who have been abused, and professionals who are assisting people who have experienced sexual abuse.
Counselling and Case Management

SASS provides face to face information, support, counselling, and referral services for males and females who have experienced sexual abuse or assault at any time during their life regardless of whether the perpetrator was a relative, friend, acquaintance or stranger.


24 hour Crisis Support Line: (03) 6231 1817


34 Patrick Street, Hobart, TAS 7000

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