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Image of the 'ReCharge: Women's Technology Safety - National study findings 2015' report

In 2013, the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) conducted research examining how technology is being used by perpetrators to stalk and abuse women, as well as how these technologies may be used to support and improve women’s safety. This research, titled SmartSafe, is one of the few studies conducted internationally on technology-facilitated stalking and abuse in the context of family violence.

In 2015, DVRCV has collaborated with Women's Legal Services NSW and WESNET in a national women's technology safety project, funded by ACCAN, called ReCharge: Women's Technology Safety, Legal Resources, Research & Training.

As part of this project, DVRCV conducted a national survey of technology-facilitated abuse drawing on the experience of family violence practitioners across Australia.

Current National Research (2015)

ReCharge: Women's Technology Safety - National Study Findings 2015 (PDF)

Suggested citation: Woodlock, Delanie (2015) ReCharge: Women’s Technology Safety, Legal Resources, Research and Training, Women’s Legal Service NSW, Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria and WESNET, Collingwood.

Victorian Research (2013)

SmartSafe Project: Research Evaluation (PDF)

SmartSafe Technology-facilitated stalking: Findings and recommendations from the SmartSafe project (PDF)

SmartSafe Research Findings Summary (PDF)

SmartSafe Infographics Poster: Women's experiences of technology-facilitated stalking (PDF)

Other / International Research

Cyber Violence Against Women and Girls: a world-wide wake-up call | UN Women, UNDP and ITU (2015)