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Home screen of SmartSafe+ App and text: Recipient of the 2016 Victorian Premier’s iAward for Public Sector Innovation
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Tech Talk Tips

woman writing in journal at the park

Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse can have a significant impact on a person’s health and...

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Paper cut-out of people holding hands in a circle

If someone you know is experiencing technology-facilitated abuse there are things you can do to...

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Relationship abuse and family violence isn’t always about physical threats or violence. Stalking,...

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Smartsafe Homepage

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In the News

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8th May 2017

ONE-in-five people have been the victims of “revenge porn”, used to control, abuse or humiliate them, according to Australia’s largest...

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9th January 2017

DOMESTIC violence perpetrators are attaching tracking devices to their ex-partners’ cars in a frightening new stalking trend.


An ipad with a screen showing apps and a notepad and pen

One Imgur user’s post has recently gone viral for its horrifying portrayal of what an abusive relationship can look like.

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