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SmartSafe began as a research project in 2012-2013. 

This project, funded by Victoria Legal Aid, focused on how perpetrators were using technology to stalk and abuse women in the context of domestic violence. It included surveys with domestic violence sector workers, and victim/survivors, focus groups, and interviews.

As a result of this research we developed a training course and resources, such as how-to videos and Easy Guides (see below).

SmartSafe has since expanded to include a suite of technology safety tools, including this website, a smartphone app, annual survey and other research projects.


View the latest (2015) national research on technology-facilitated stalking and abuse

Victorian Research (2013)

SmartSafe Project: Research Evaluation (PDF)

SmartSafe Technology-facilitated stalking: Findings and recommendations from the SmartSafe project (PDF)

SmartSafe Research Findings Summary (PDF)

SmartSafe Infographics Poster: Women's experiences of technology-facilitated stalking (PDF)


Collecting evidence: Our SmartSafe+ app

Find out more about our SmartSafe+ app

SmartSafe+ is designed to assist women to collect and store evidence to help them get an intervention order, or to prove a breach (recommended for Victorian use only).

Please call us directly on (03) 9486 9866 (Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm) or email us at for further information or instructions on how to download the app.

This app is part of our SmartSafe suite of resources to support women’s safety and encourage the positive use of technology.

Easy Guides (2013)

View the latest legal guides for your state / territory

SmartSafe Easy Guide 1: Family Violence Protection Act 2008 and technology-facilitated stalking

SmartSafe Easy Guide 2: Personal Safety IO Act 2010 and technology-facilitated stalking

SmartSafe Easy Guide 3: Technology-facilitated stalking and criminal offences

SmartSafe Easy Guide 4: Examples of technology-facilitated stalking and how to get legal help

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