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Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse is the use of technology (such as the internet, social media, mobile phones, computers, and surveillance devices) to stalk and perpetrate abuse on a person. 

Such behaviour includes:

  • making numerous and unwanted calls to a person’s mobile phone
  • sending threatening and/or abusive messages (texting messaging, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook messaging, Twitter)
  • hacking into a person’s email or social media account to discover information about them
  • hacking into a person’s email or social media account to impersonate them and send abusive messages to family/friends of that person
  • using surveillance devices to spy on a person
  • sharing, or threatening to share, intimate pictures of a person

There are three primary areas of law relevant to people experiencing technology-facilitated stalking and abuse:

  • Protection Orders
  • Surveillance and Recordings
  • Relevant Criminal Offences

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DISCLAIMER: The use of technology-facilitated violence is a developing area of the law. The legal information, examples and scenarios contained in the guide are intended to explain the law in general terms only and are not legal advice. They cannot be relied upon or applied by readers in their own cases. Each set of circumstances needs to be looked at individually. You should seek legal advice about your own particular circumstances.