A 23-YEAR-OLD Geelong man beat up and stalked his former partner, breaking into her home and scratching “I found yo” into her wooden bed head, a court has heard.

The Geelong man, who cannot be identified, pleaded guilty to several charges including stalking and breaking a family violence intervention order at Geelong Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday.

A police officer said the 23-year-old started harassing his former partner in early September by continuously knocking on her door and then kicking it when he was ignored.

He sent a text message with a photo of the front of the house which read, ‘I’m at your house, wouldn’t want to come home, 

the police officer said.

The court heard, a few days later he verbally abused the woman and used a clenched fist to punch her repeatedly in the face — he also “stood on her face” and grabbed her by throat.

The police officer said, on September 8, the man sent 28 text messages — including one with a picture of a firearm.

One of the text messages read ‘I can see everything, I put up three cameras the first day you asked me to move in’,

she said.

On another occasion her clothing had been cut up ... the mattress had been slashed and ‘I found yo’ was carved into the wooden bed head.

She said that sticky notes with threatening messages had also been left around the house.

A lawyer for the 23-year-old said during his client’s time in custody he had been assaulted and it had been an “arduous” time.

The lawyer said his client had been trying contact his former partner because she was pregnant with his child.

“The many phone calls were to discuss that issue,” he said.

He said an intervention order had since been varied to allow contact with the child.

The court heard the man had other domestic violence priors involving his mother, another ex-partner and an incident of violence in front of baby.

A Geelong Magistrate told the man, despite the presence of his former partner in court, his crimes were serious.

“Domestic violence goes in cycles,” he said. “The intention of the court in sentencing is to break that cycle.”

The man was remanded for sentencing on Thursday, December 22.